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Have a look at exclusive features of a remote control manufactured by Futaba

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RC helicopters are becoming a buzzword these days. Nowadays, from a kid of 12 years to adult of 14, everyone is busy in flying an RC helicopter. An RC helicopter is a combination of two most important things, one is remote control and the other is helicopter itself. If you are looking for the best RC Vliegtuig onderdelen then you can purchase parts manufactured by Futaba. Remote control for RC helicopters and cars is the most popular product manufactured by the company. Few common features of remote controls are listed below.

  • Most of the remote controls come with 2 transmission channels. The company also manufactures remote controls with 3 or more transmission channels. Remote controls with three transmission channel offer user to operate car or helicopter in any direction and ways. In addition to this, each and every remote comes with 12 proportional modes due to which remote works properly at any distance.Image result for Have a look at exclusive features of a remote control manufactured by Futaba
  • In addition to transmission channels, a remote control also comes with LED monitor. At monitor, user can see and records real time updates such as speed, direction, battery status etc.
  • Remote controls are also compatible with external SD card. And, can be easily updated with latest software and firmware.

Along with above mentioned features of remote control, there are several others such as throttle cut, swash ring, swash AFR, throttle hold, throttle mix, gyro, 4 vibration warning types, wide top switch spacing, 5-programmable mixes, right & left assignable slider switches, logic switch, dual ball bearing gimbals, hover pitch, pitch to rudder mixing, quick mode select, integral timer, servo monitor, user menu, internal programmer for S.Bus servos etc. Along with these, the best part of remote controls manufactured by Futaba is that they are compatible with S-FHSS, FASST and FASSTest protocols.

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