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Major Benefits of IP-based CCT Systems

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The benefits of IP-based CCTV systems can be understood easily and by this I mean better picture quality. After all, a video surveillance system is intended to see what is going on. However, there are other benefits of this system.


A regular analog camera is equivalent to around 0.4 megapixels while a standard IP camera provides 2 megapixels. With a number of IP cameras that range u to 10 MP, it is obvious how the technology can reduce the number of required cameras.

Remote Access

Logging into a secure server can be possible from a remote location through the use of web-based interface in order to view real-time footage on computers and mobile devices.Image result for Major Benefits of IP-based CCTV Systems


Hardware improvements have been matched by analytics software. It is possible to combine video management systems with other software to allow for applications like people counting, motion detection and license place recognition.


There are some ways to power IP cameras. When the IP camera replaces an analog camera, reusing the current power source or deploying Ethernet cables that allow for Power are possible. Moreover, when re-rewiring is too costly, a device can enable data and Power over Ethernet over coax cable to be used.


Using edge processing and camera licensing can make it possible to scale from one camera up to thousands.


High-end network video recorders enable the incorporation of current CCTV cameras into the IP system. This results in a significant reduction in the initial costs and enables a phased approach to achieve a complete IP surveillance solution.


Simultaneous recording to a network video recorder is possible. This provides an extra safety net for recovering footage when corruption or damage to data on the main network video recorder takes place.


The possibility of getting a line-of-sight between the cam and the location of the server makes it possible to minimize cabling costs through wireless data transmission.

Lossless Playback

Users can review footage with multiple zoom on playback without image degradation. This can be possible even on fixed lens cameras. With this, a common analog system issue where high compression levels can usually make the image unreadable can be alleviated.

IP video surveillance systems are embraced by various markets. But because deploying a number of older analog systems is complicated, shifting too fast to all-IP video surveillance systems could be risky. Thus, providers must assess ways to evolve their IP video surveillance platforms to ease the transition. For IP-based security system options, check out

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