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Steps to Take in Training Employees

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Nowadays, it is important to not do on the job training like most organizations used to do in the past, with technology especially changing, every organization even online businesses like the reputation management company, should have formal training for new employees. It is important to have employee training and development which is the process of helping employees develop their personal and organization skills, knowledge and abilities. Employee orientation should be the first step in training, which is used for welcoming a new employee into the organization. There are several goals of an orientation program for new employees and these include to: reduce start-up costs, it can help the employee up to speed on various policies and procedures, so the employee can start working right away and it can be a way to ensure all hiring paperwork is filled out correctly so the employee is paid on time. It also helps to reduce anxiety since starting a new job can be stressful and one goal of the orientation is to reduce the stress and anxiety some people may face in these situations. To reduce employee turnover, since employee turnover tends to be higher when employees don’t feel valued or are not given the tools to perform, having an employee orientation shows them that they are valued in the organization. To save time for the supervisor and coworkers since a well-done orientation will prepare the employee which leads to less teaching time. To set the expectations and attitudes since if employees learn the values and attitudes of the organization from the beginning, there will be a higher chance of a successful tenure at the company.Image result for Steps to Take in Training Employees

In-house training is often used in organization since it doesn’t relate to a specific job but it includes the following such as ethics training, sexual harassment training, multicultural training, communication training, management training, customer service training, operation of special equipment, training to do the job itself and as well as the basic skills training. Every organization should have in-house training sine it allows for the employees to understand the culture of the organization and to of course understand what their job requirements are.

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