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The Role of Social Media Networks in the Digital Marketing Strategy

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The development of social media networks has greatly affected various aspects of life in both the private and the business world. These platforms have caught the attention of billions of people, making them the perfect tool for improving the marketing efforts of various businesses. Only a couple of years ago having a website was a must for growing your business, but nowadays, it is merely the foundation and there is a much greater focus on building a social media presence. The following are the reasons that have caused this change.

Improved brand authority3

All of the companies around the world want to build up their brand authority because it is essential for the long-term business strategy. Having returning customers is necessary for the success of every single business and this is best achieved through increasing the brand recognition and brand authority.

  • Brand recognition – Establishing a presence on social media platforms is one of the best ways to grow brand recognition. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to actively be present on a variety of different social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter or Tumblr. The more channels you create the better, as not all people use all of these social networks. There are those who only enjoy using Facebook and Instagram, others are in love with Pinterest whereas some adore Tumblr. By being present on a variety of social platforms, you are increasing the chance of being discovered by a higher number of people.
  • Brand authority – Social media networks are a great place for improving brand authority. The main underlying factor is that social media networks are perceived as personal space where you are connected with actual people. This offers the chance for a brand to appear as a person to millions of social network users. This means that your business is going to be perceived on a more personal level, and people prefer doing business with other people rather than with big faceless corporations.

These are two very powerful reasons why social media network presence is a necessary step in every business’s growth strategy and there are even more benefits.

Higher conversion rates3

Higher conversion rates are another part of every business’s long term plan. Social media activity is a great way to achieve this goal. First of all, it is necessary to have engaging and high quality content that can be shared on the social media pages or, for some other business types, it is necessary to offer something of value for a lower price to your followers.

Doing all these things over a longer period of time is going to increase conversion rates on your website. Additionally, the fact that you can share a lot of posts also increases the chances of converting your customers. The previously mentioned authority factor also plays a great role here, as people are more willing to acquire goods or services from a brand they deem trustworthy.

Increased amount of traffic

Achieving higher traffic on your web pages is a continuous goal that is necessary to achieve. This is where presence on various social media networks is necessary, as you are going to reach out to a greater number of people. Social media are perfect as more people are joining them every day, and those who are not familiar with your brand will get to know about you passively by coming to your business page.

To increase the chances of this happening, it is important to have shareable content and create posts related to your niche that will both be informative and make people laugh. Achieving engagement is the best way of attracting new people to your brand.

Better search engine ranking3

A high search engine ranking is very important because it ensures a steady flow of visitors towards your website. One of the things that have changed with recent search engine updates are the social media signals. In the last couple of years, social media signals have become one of the bigger factors that affect search engine rankings. So the more engaged your social media pages are, the higher the ranking is going to be.

On the other hand, social media presence brings in more traffic to your website, and the better the traffic, the higher you are going to rank as well. Ranking high in the SERPs is necessary nowadays, making a strong social media presence a necessary step.

Lower marketing costs

Even though managing several social media accounts all at once seems like a lot of work, it is not entirely so. With a social media management tool, it is possible to schedule when the posts are going to be published.

Additionally, this is possible to perform marketing campaigns for all the popular social media networks with a single software tool, greatly lowering the time needed for post creation. The rest of the time should be dedicated to any questions in the comment section or private messages, which also takes a little bit of time. A single person is more than enough to handle all of this work.

On the other hand, there are digital marketing agencies which are experienced with these types of tasks. Outsourcing is a cheap option that many companies go for, as it is a much cheaper and more efficient solution.

Flawless customer experience

Customer experience is another factor that is crucial in building brand authority. This is another thing that social media presence offers for your business. People use these platforms to communicate and having a page will make them interact with your brand.

So, if a customer has a question for you, he or she can contact you immediately. Being responsive and offering answers and solutions for your customers is going to pay off incredibly in the long run, as you are going to build up, authority, customer experience and the amount of returning customers.

Targeted outreach

Social media networks offer a very effective marketing solution for those who are looking to financially invest in an effective ad campaign. By only setting up a couple of parameters, you are going to be able to directly advertise to those who might be interested in your product, service or other types of content found on your website. This way of marketing is much cheaper and much more efficient as it can significantly increase conversion rates.

When performing targeted ad campaign, it is important to understand that another metric is necessary to follow, ROI. Make sure that the campaign you are running is paying off by checking the costs and profits you are making. You do not want to end up in a cycle where you are going to waste money on your campaigns without getting any specific results.

All of these benefits clearly show why so many businesses decide to go with a strong social media presence. There are simply no drawbacks and not having this type of marketing strategy will make you miss out on a high number of customers over time. So, if you have not already started, begin by opening social media network pages, measure the performance and actively work on those who are bringing you the best results.

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