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Tips if you are first time going to take service from CDN: warnings

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For getting best services of CDN you need to choose a company who can provide you these things at reasonable price. But how you are going to do that? As you know that there are numerous companies in the market. Usually people are debating between Edgecast vs. Cloudflare services. They are the best CDN services provider. As you read in several articles that what things that you should know at the time of taking services from THE Company and what points you should look  in but do you know what things you should never ignore before signing a contract with the CDN providers? If your answer in no, then don’t worry! Here are some warnings that you should know.

Free services and unlimited offers

However, most of the people are always looking for the cheapest service providers but as you know CDN is not a cheap service, in fact it is pretty expensive. So, why a provider is giving you these services at cheaper rates?  It may be possible that the company is just fooling you. So, beware with this kind of company. Same thing goes for offers and deals. Some deals just too good that is really hard to digest. Some company offers unlimited packages, but in reality every company has their some limitations and they can’t provide you such offers, so choose your service provider carefully and don’t fall for these things, it can be a trap!

Availability of the provider

The important thing, you don’t getting a proper customer service or support from the providers than don’t sign your context because it is a total waste. You need a provider who can always connected with you, no matter when you need their help they can help you in every situations.

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