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Why Security Cameras Should Be Installed in A Stadium?

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Stadiums are one of the most versatile event centers; They could be used for outdoor sports, concerts and many other functions. Stadiums are very much used for events where a large crowd is expected; this is because of their large accommodative capacities.

One major problem with stadiums is crowd regulation. Crowd control and public safety are of dire importance whenever an event is being hosted in a stadium. Regardless of the security details assigned to maintain order and serenity in stadiums, it is still hard to totally curb violence or upset amongst the crowd efficiently.

Most times, stadiums get their capacity exceeded and this leads to overcrowding which promotes inconspicuous violence and other criminal activities. Spotting unrest or unacceptable behavior within a crowd can be very cumbersome.

That is why most times, it’s when an activity has long occurred before it is brought to the notice of the securities. Today, security cameras have proven to be a helping hand in these situations and assist in surveillance in stadiums.

There are few reasons why security cameras should be installed in stadiums:


Sporting events attract very passionate and loyal fans. In light of these events, say a football match, fans may get euphoric or sentimental and emotions could get heated up. This spurs altercation between opposing fans and could lead to violence. Security cameras are used to reduce these activities and catch culprits in case of an occurrence.

Arrivals and Exits

Ever wondered why entrances to stadiums are sometimes overcrowded? Some events attract large crowds and this could lead to build up of masses along with slowed movement motion at entry and exit points. If this is not resolved quickly, it could cause high traffic at these points which gives pickpockets and other miscreants room to operate amongst the crowd. It also assists prevent a stampede and other casualties.

Security cameras aid in monitoring these point and other points affected by high traffic so that smooth passage of people could be promoted.

Terrorism Deterrent

Terrorist target places with a crowd because they would be less conspicuous and inflict misfortune on a large number of people. Thieves, suicide bombers and other terrorists use the crowd in stadiums to their advantage to execute their evil acts.

Sporting or musical events where large crowds are expected, it is quite hard for security persons to spot or pinpoint a terrorist; they could camouflage amongst the crowd and would not be noticed. That’s why security cameras are placed in strategic places to catch culprits and reduce terrorism acts in stadiums.

Cameras like hikvision’s which were particularly approved by the Chinese government are sometimes placed at vantage points beyond the reach of people so they won’t be tampered with. It’s best to get high-definition cameras that irrespective of distance will capture images with good quality.

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